Andrew Thunderbolt Basketball

Our Vision: To Be The Program By Which All Others Are Measured.

Our Mission: To provide experiences that are consistent with the mission of Consolidated High School District 230, a student-oriented center of learning, to graduate young adults prepared to realize their life-long potential in an ever-changing world.  The Andrew Basketball Program provides opportunities for student-athletes that encourage the pursuit of commitment, teamwork, competitive success, development of personal character, and leadership skills. We maintain an environment that values academic achievement, integrity, accountability, responsibility, ethical citizenship, and respectful relationships. Thunderbolt Basketball strives to provide a quality program that cultivates an exciting atmosphere for Andrew H.S. and the community.

Culture: “HIGH VOLTAGE!” We are smart, aggressive, up-tempo, tough, well- conditioned, unselfish, and efficient in what we do.

Core Values: The promotion and enhancement of student learning and personal development is the primary purpose of athletics. The coaching staff will acknowledge and emphasize the seven core values in every team practice, event and game.  The core values are instrumental in realizing their life-long potential and helping our athletes become ethical citizens.  The following core values will be taught and addressed in all that we do:

* T-Bolt pride: Commitment to excellence

* Playing the right way: Playing fair, playing hard

* Honesty-In life and in basketball

* Take responsibility for your actions

* Teamwork

* Helping others and asking for nothing in return

* Good attitude-Enthusiasm is contagious

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