Shooting Drills

Don’t count makes and misses.  Count how many times in a row you can shoot straight.  If you miss, yell out what direction you miss. “Short!” “Long!” “Left!” “Right!” You can’t become a sharp shooter if you don’t know how or why you miss! Concentrate on the process of getting better.  Your mechanics are more important than makes and misses at this point.

Shooting Drills on The Gun click below:

shooting drills for The Gun

Drive and Drift Drill

Shooting Part 1-Mechanics and Muscle Memory

Shooting Part 2-Shooting With a Partner (Backpedal, V-Drill, 9 Drill, Curl drill, Downscreen, Beilein Drill, Closeout Drill, Bulls 1 on 1 from 1/2 ct-5,4 and 3 dribbles)

Shooting Part 3-Shooting by Yourself